Frequently Asked Questions

Are you on the ski slopes? How do I reach you?

Rifugio Resciesa is NOT on the ski slopes. From the uphill station of the funicular from Ortisei (Val Gardena) an easy walkable and panoramic path takes to the Rifugio Resciesa in 30 minutes. To return to the ski slopes you have to get back to the funicular.
A sledge slope begins right in front of the Rifugio taking to the funicular.
For further information on how to reach us please visit our Location Page.

Do you rent sledges?

We do not have sledges for rent. You can rent sledges at the funicular. From the uphill station a nice and panoramic walk in the middle of nature takes to Rifugio Resciesa from where a sledge slope begins and reconnects you to the funicular.

When are you open?

Rifugio Resciesa is open both in the winter season and in the summer season. Precise dates vary from year to year and can be read on this site. In the opening periods we are open daily. Please contact us for further information.

What is the funicular’s timetable?

It varies depending from the time of year. You may check the funicular’s website for up-to-date information.

Are reservations necessary for the restaurant?

We do not accept reservations for lunch.

Do you accept credit cards or debit cards?

We are not able to accept any payment cards since the hut has no phone line and mobile phone signal is too low.

Do you offer a transfer service from the funicular or Ortisei?

We are located inside a Natural Park where the use of motor vehicles is restricted. Rifugio Resciesa is reachable only on foot or bike.

Are there nice promenades in the surroundings?

Reaching our hut is a nice 30 minute relaxing walk from the funicular’s uphill station. From the hut in 10 minutes you can reach a little church and in 15 minutes a peak with its cross, where many people watch beautiful sunsets and sunrises. For a selection and detailed description of itineraries please visit the Trekking and Sports Page.

What do I have to bring to sleep at Rifugio Resciesa?

All our accomodation include sheets, down comforter and towels.

Where can I park my car in Ortisei?

There is no parking at the station of the funicular. A good and cheap option is offered by the Central Garage (Stazion Str.), only a 10 minutes walk from the funicular. The garage is open 24 hrs.

Does this website store cookies? What about your privacy policy?

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